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Welcome The Maha Yoga Center & Center for Stress Management
“The world can often be noisy, confusing, and unfair. It’s always been thus. But yoga teaches us that reality as we see it, while endlessly fascinating, is also transitory. Meanwhile, something permanent, unchanging, and endlessly joyful exists inside. When we focus on our breath, or our bodies, or the sound of our voice, we tap into that part of ourselves, if only for a little while. We can transcend our blathering minds and our messy physical reality and tap into something meaningful, eternal, and even a little blissful.” -Neal Pollack “Transcending our blathering minds….tapping into something meaningful, eternal, and even a little blissful” sounds good to me! What about you? Is this the year that you will start or make a commitment to a Yoga practice? We’re here waiting for you! ~ Diane ~    
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